Wednesday, December 17, 2008


today's lesson is about sin and saddness. it starts with a lie, and we've all believed it at one point or another. the lie is that my story (the sin that's been done against me, to me...that i've done to others) or your story or the heart-wrenching story that we see on the news or the tragic story of the girl sold to monsters for sex or even the story of the starving child that sits alone on the side of a dirt street in Africa...i could go on and on, but here's the lie - the lie is that one of those stories is bigger than another. we spend so much time comparing and emphasizing and bloating these stories that we're blind to this truth - sin doesn't have levels in God's eyes. God sees sin and it breaks His heart! and it breaks His heart EQUALLY. i needed to know this...i needed to know that it was ok for me to mourn over sin, all of it no matter how small i thought it was...God's tears flow over all of it.

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Lena said...

thanks for the reminder and your honesty...i forget that often.