Thursday, February 05, 2009

a little bit of peace

i had a hard day today...i kept finding doors closed when i wanted and needed some answers from people. there are other things that made the day hard, too, so tonight i wanted to just get away and get some perspective. so, i started out by the river...its a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Now, I know that I'll get some rolled eyes with this one, was really chilly out by the river and after about 20 minutes, i couldn't be outside anymore. when i left the park, i didn't really know where i was going, i just knew i still wanted to be alone and thinking. so, i did what just about everybody does around 6pm...i went hunting for food. i decided to go south on the main road in ft myers. for those of you who don't know, south from where i live is the airport, and many of you know how i feel about airports. on my way to get food, i spotted an aircraft heading toward the airport, so that's what i did too. and, it made my day. i sat in the cell phone lot and just watched as the airplanes took off and landed. ft myers isn't a very large airport, but its pretty active, especially during snowbird season. sure, i would have rathered to be watching in atlanta or houston, but this did the trick, and besides, you don't get palm trees much in those cities. i was reminded how spectacular the machines that man has built are and that the air that the machines dance with still belongs to our creator. to me, its a beautiful dance to watch. maybe you should check it out sometime...see if you can appreciate it just a little more. :)

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Jeh said...

glad you had that time.