Saturday, March 20, 2010

i can't sleep

So, its after 2am in Florida, but because its afternoon in Cambodia, I'm awake. It also could have something to do with the fact that I slept til 2 this afternoon. Or maybe its because my mind is reeling with thoughts of mortality. During the three short weeks that I was in SE Asia, two friends passed from this life to heaven. You can read about these amazing friends at John and I worked together. I will miss his quiet spirit who always asked how I was doing. He was the hardest worker I know. Kylee will also be dearly missed. Kylee was there during my worst days. She sometimes took the brunt of my anger and yet she never gave up on me. She showed me so much love and care. There really is no one better that I've met at tough love. She loved me, but even more she loved Jesus and therefore hated sin. So, she confronted it. And, loved me through it. My life is changed significantly because of the clear reflection that Kylee is of Christ. Now, the fallen world is no longer her playground. She doesn't have to be angry at sin. She is dancing with real and perfect joy now. I miss you, Kylee. This also reminded me of 2008. I lost a good friend and my grandfather that year. I'm so excited for the reunion that will happen when time fails us and Yahweh is King here on Earth. I can't wait to know all of my loved ones in their perfect form. What an eternity that will be. For now, I will grieve the loss. And, Yahweh will help me through.

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