Sunday, June 08, 2008


So, I've just been reading a little bit of the military brat blog (its in my link list to the right), and it made me think of a couple things. First of all, if you ever have a desire to know a little more about me, many of these posts mimic my life. Sure, they aren't exactly my life, but without having to rehash all of the drama of moving around as a dependent, reading some of these posts helps me gain perspective. You might also see perspective from reading there. Another thing that it reminded me of was that I do have some stories. My life is made up of so many stories that are separated in sections. Each section changing with each move. I have a Germany section and a Colorado section, etc. I think I'm starting to understand just a very-little bit of how it might feel to write these down. I do have some funny stories and some hard ones. Maybe I'll find some good ones and post them here. One last thing...I have this movie about brats...if you are one or would like to learn a little more about us nomads, you are welcome to borrow my copy. I'd probably like to watch it with you, too. Hey, and by the way, thanks for reading this blog. I don't know who is and who isn't, but it's fun to know that someone is out there listening.

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