Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a new blogger

I love Panera. I'm sitting here watching a beautiful, warm-but-not-too-warm, Houston day outside and enjoying just watching the traffic. Watching other people go about their "everyday" is so interesting to me. What is the woman in the white shirt thinking as she rushes out of the restaurant and into her white SUV? How fulfilled is the manager of this place? He's been walking around with a smile, but is it genuine or just plastered on because the GM is around today? The guy at the computer across from me has left his seat several times in the past couple of hours. Is he here just to get out of the office or (like me) is he from out of town and just here because of the free internet? Sometimes its fun look outside myself and see how normal everyday can be without trying to super-impose myself into it. Normal isn't something I see a whole lot of at NMSI. The community takes such great care of each other that being outside of it feels like walking into Grand Central Station without having any idea how to get to the train you need. Uncomfortable, but strangely fitting into this world is I guess is where we're supposed to be. Its a trust issue, right? I feel completely random in this first post, but I guess that's kinda where I am. I'm full of random thoughts that just keep coming into my head with no invitation at all. Random keeps me entertained, if nothing else. Hope your day is full of random, too. Who knows what this brain will come up with next. Have a good day! Jen


Jeff said...

Great start... welcome to the blogger world!

Nate said...

I can't wait to read more of your blog. Thanks for including all of us (you know the whole world) in your thoughts: there's nothing quite like wading around knee deep in another person's mental process and emotions to realize how created for relationship we are.